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Every year, thousands of pilgrims, from all over the world, flock to Jerusalem to enhance their faith in God by joining the Franciscan friars on their Friday walk and prayer. The friars walk along Jesus’ last journey from the site of his trial to the site of his crucifixion at Golgotha and later on, his resurrection – this practice in Old Jerusalem goes back 7 centuries.

Now, for the first time, you can follow Jesus in his last hours on that sorrowful Friday, by joining this spiritual practice of walking and praying on the Way of the Cross along the Via Dolorosa here in Jerusalem – all you need to do is to watch this movie.

By watching the movie, you will stop at each Station of the Cross, read and meditate on what actually happened to Jesus and learn about the excruciating pain Jesus suffered at each station. As you walk between the stations along the streets of old Jerusalem, we will glorify our Lord and his son by singing and praying – as many pilgrims do each Friday, along the Via Dolorosa here in Jerusalem.

Come and carry your emotional and physical crosses along with Jesus. The Cross is not a symbol of defeat, but rather of the triumph of Faith.

This is your chance to show God how much you love Him back – how you put your faith in Him just like Jesus did through his Passion.