Read what people wrote to us:

For Christians who want to relive the most important event of their faith-The Death and Resurrection – of our Lord Jesus Christ, this is as close as you’ll probably ever come! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

Bob, USA

From the opening credit montage, I was very moved, to say the very least! I actually had Goosebumps and tingling throughout my body during the vast majority of this video

Susan, USA

…I am watching your video and I am feeling what Jesus has felt along that sorrowful way and I am realizing again and again how much God love me. God gave his son’s life in order to show all the love that he has for me….

Alicea, Brazil

Through your Video, The Via Dolorosa is so real… I feel with in my heart that everything is true…. it all really happened…and right here.

To walk in Christ’s footsteps helps me think of my own humanity and the blessings that I have because of Christ’s love. By many people being there, I feel as if I belong to a faith, of Christians, where we share the same love for God.

Annnalisa, Italy

Thank you Eran, for helping bring amazing memories but more importantly, to enliven my faith so I could pray in a different way

My husband and I were humbled to walk THE WAY OF THE CROSS during our May of 2011 visit to The Holy Land. Thus, it was helpful in my mind’s eye, as I relieved every step of the way during this presentation

Barbara, USA

I always wonder how it will be praying the way of the Cross where it all happened….. Now, each time I feel the need to connect with God, I pray as I watch your video, and my spirit is with Jesus in Jerusalem…

Nirmala, India


Dear Eran, Thanks so much for a wonderful experience. I loved the video. I was in Jerusalem in 2012 and had the most wonderful time. We also prayed the Stations of the cross. It was such a moving and sacred time…..

It reflects that our faith is alive and Stations of the Cross is a time to remember God’s total and complete love for us. Your Stations of the Cross was so beautiful and I loved the way it unites all of us in prayer.

I would recommend everyone watching the Stations because it helps you walk in the footsteps of Christ. It makes me feel so blessed to visit Jerusalem. It has made such an impact on my life and I will never be the same.

Thanks Eran for helping bring make amazing memories but more importantly, to enliven my faith so I could pray in a different way.”

Anna, Australia

For Christians who always wanted to go to Israel and walk (experience) Jesus Christ’s way of the Cross “Via Dolorosa”, but were reluctant because of the turmoil in the Middle East, this DVD is the next best thing!

In the safety of your home,you’ll walk the final steps that Christ walked in the final stages of his passion.The artwork in the DVD is unique and beautiful.The singing along the way is too. This is NOT the boring ‘way of the cross’ I went to as a kid in church at Easter time.”

Bob, USA

Hi Eran,

 Being able to see much of the route, even between stations, gives the feeling of having been on the procession.  I have done stations of the cross a couple of times (I joined the Catholic Church this Easter) inside a church and outside at a abbey, and I had looked at still pictures of the stations elsewhere on-line, but I was still wanting to see more of what the route through Jerusalem looked like.  I’m not likely to come in-person on pilgrimage anytime soon (3 young children), so I very much appreciate your video giving me that mental image.

Scott, USA